Reconnecting post-Covid-19

The workplace is changing in unprecedented ways; the next ‘wave’ of disruptive change – globalisation, automation, digitisation – is redefining work as we know it. The transition to the enlightened ‘future of work’ has been trending for a few years now. In July 2019, acumen7 hosted a seminar for members of the network and industry leaders exploring emerging trends; it was initiated as the first of a series exploring the Future of Work. Roll on nine months and we are facing an unimagined disruption to life, the economy and the way we work due to Covid-19. Businesses around the world are having to completely reassess their business processes, ways of working and hours of operation to adapt to the current situation. It is a scramble for survival to maintain some level of productivity and output as best as possible, whilst employees embrace their new normal. The following article has been prepared by three acumen7 members following a second session in May 2020. It looks at some of the challenges impacting work post-Covid-19 and ways of addressing them. It is based on current literature review, observations and practical experience. It represents the thoughts, views and opinions of the members and is intended for sharing, to provoke thought and debate.


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