Digital twins for the built world

Digital Project Director Lucas Cusack shared with acumen7 members Willow’s mission to empower every person and organisation to connect with the built world in a new way, using a solution that turns any building into a smart building. Connecting once siloed and disparate systems through WillowTwin unlocks insights and understanding of how a building is managed, operated and experienced in real time. The system is integrated, so all building data, design IoT and existing tech is accessible on one single, intuitive interface. It provides powerful, contextual insights to drive better management and it’s future ready, as it is capable of integrating with any technology to give owners optionality.

In the transport sector, WillowRail is an innovative integrated rail asset management solution that combines disparate rail systems into one data-driven solution for owners, operators, engineers and maintenance staff. Willow’s mission is to create a digital railway network that encapsulates all aspects of rail systems to improve the performance, management and experience of rail networks.

For more information, visit the Willow website:

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