The new route to the future of the built environment

acumen7 members were treated to a fascinating presentation by Bryden Wood’s Head of Global Systems, Jaimie Johnston, at the October meeting. Jaimie spoke about automated construction and how the learning from other sectors is being applied to vastly increase productivity in the design and delivery of assets.

Jaimie highlighted the fact that digital design is accelerating due to sophisticated, data-driven tools that go beyond BIM. Algorithmic simulation, machine learning, and generative design massively accelerate the process. Better still, they generate far more possible solutions, resulting in better outcomes. This session covered two open source design apps, one for housing: Prism and one for schools: Seismic, both of which are accelerating the design process.

Another aspect of Jaimie’s presentation showed how new forms of construction are harnessing manufacturing benefits. Construction 'platforms' combine design, manufacture and procurement principles holistically to optimise rationalisation and integration. Manufactured components can be used across sectors creating high, constant demand and economies of scale.

To find out more about Bryden Wood, visit their website: You can also use the following links to find out more about the Prism and Seismic open source apps:

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