Leveraging the experience of the past to transform the future

acumen7 members were joined by Martin Paver of Projecting Success at the October meeting. Martin explained that as projects progress through their life cycle, they create a huge exhaust plume of data. This data contains insights on a range of topics, including predisposition of a project to variance, duration estimates, cost estimates, risk, compensation events and logistics.

When a project concludes, this data is either archived or deleted, yet it has the potential to disrupt how we deliver. There is an opportunity to move project delivery beyond a process heavy, bureaucratic process to one centred around automation and using data to pre-empt emerging challenges.

Projecting Success can reduce tail risk and outliers, whilst also reducing cost and improving delivery confidence. They have created a community of 4,000 people, developing 2 data trusts and are building a range of associated initiatives.

To find out more about Projecting Success, visit their website: https://projectingsuccess.co.uk/.

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