Ecademy’s Blackstar Virtual Table system

Ecademy’s Blackstar Virtual Table system was trialled at acumen7’s meeting on 19th August. An attendee presents a challenge to the group and the group then offers their advice or connection opportunities in return. The challenges presented related to Kepler Energy, who are looking to progress a tidal energy scheme; Carbon8 Systems, who are looking at development opportunities in relation to their carbon-negative aggregate; a discussion on the development opportunities for the acumen7 network; an organisation restructuring and management challenge for a Council-owned arms-length construction and maintenance company in the south west; the development of a business looking to ‘Uberise’ the care system; and the potential benefits of setting up a production rather than transaction system for a joint venture project. All those who presented a challenge found the feedback insightful and useful in that it offered new avenues to explore or contacts to pursue.

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