The Future of Work - the machines are coming... have arrived!

acumen7’s first in a series of seminars at the ICE in London on 8th July focused on the future of work. With technologies beginning to disrupt professional and managerial jobs, and as a much younger, tech-savvy generation joins the workforce, the future of work is changing. The seminar brought together 40 delegates from across industry, business and the public sector to explore some of the ways that are already changing how we work together. It also explored new ways of forming teams to undertake particular tasks, new approaches to collaboration and new attitudes to work that young people are bringing into businesses.

In his key note speech, Mark Reynolds, CEO of Mace, spoke about the need to meet the huge shift in skills and expertise required to deliver ‘Industry 4.0’ to meet the huge shift in skills and expertise required to deliver ‘Industry 4.0’. Mark also spoke about the ways in which Mace is striving to improve its diversity and to attract more young people into the industry.

Alistair Denton, COO of Benefit Software Solutions, looked at the science of collaboration – how to measure, align, monitor and adjust collaboration both within organisations, and across organisations to improve outcomes and overall performance.

Alison Kuhn, Founder & Director of Triple C Change, spoke about our future generation – recognising the way new entrants into the workforce think about and engage with work, what they expect from work and life, how this has been shaped by their upbringing surrounded by advancing technology, and how this can be harnessed and managed to realise potential – and the consequential risks of not doing so.

André Azadehdel, Founder & Director of Riverflex Consulting, explained assemble to order teams – a new and different workforce not traditionally employed, but brought together for a specific task, purpose or project.

The seminar concluded with a panel Q&A.

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