Highlighting the benefits of advancing technology

acumen7’s meeting on 11th February consisted of two presentations, both of which demonstrated the benefits of advancing digital technology.

The first was from SchellingPoint’s Principal Michael Taylor, who showcased this digital collaboration technology. Michael explained what happens when you analyse over 330 organisational initiatives through the lenses of Lean (so how to remove steps) and Six Sigma (how to make the remaining steps high quality and more efficient). SchellingPoint’s mission is to provide coordinated action, pure flow and shared success.

The second was from Hack Partners’ River Tamoor-Baig and Haydon Bartlett-Tasker, who described how they have driven innovation in rail via their ‘HackTrain’ initiative, which has helped the industry to save millions in costs. Having perfected their end-to-end innovation model in the rail sector, they have now expanded into infrastructure. Their plan is to revolutionise how we build and maintain infrastructure.

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