Net zero carbon homes: Is hydrogen the solution?

Moving over to a hydrogen economy is a major strategic decision that needs to be made soon In its Future Homes Standard proposals, which are set to take effect from 2025, the government favours a combination of high energy efficiency standards combined with the use of heat pumps for heating new homes. But heat pumps are expensive to install and work best in well insulated homes, so might a shift to hydrogen work best for existing homes to meet the 2050 net zero carbon target as this would allow the continued use of gas boilers? For this to happen the government needs to make a major strategic decision whether to back a hydrogen economy. This is because the gas grid must be either shut down o

An introduction to Phospheres

There was an enlightening and positive discussion at the first session of acumen7's August meeting, following a succinct and informative presentation from Rémi Grosjean of Prospheres. Prospheres specialises in turnaround and company transformation, and has completed 160 restructures over the last 20 years. One of their key strengths is ensuring staff engagement and empowerment, leading to positive change and lasting results. Rémi shared a number of challenges faced by Prospheres and members provided their feedback, some of whom have indicated interest in following up, further demonstrating our raison d’etre.

Jamie Hillier: Akerlof and the Non-Executive Diploma

The second of acumen7's August sessions was an introduction to new member Jamie Hillier. Jamie is a Founding Partner of Akerlof, a specialist consultancy focused on delivering high value outcomes within the built environment through the integration of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). Over and above launching a new start-up and navigating the pandemic, Jamie found time to complete The FT’s Non-Executive Director Diploma, details of which he shared during the meeting.

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