The pervasive problem of misalignment

At acumen7’s June virtual meeting, Maria Lambides of Alpha Phronesis explored the importance of alignment, and the value and impact it can have on an organisation. Maria revealed how misalignment between internal perceptions and customer results can lead to wasted resources, poor decision-making and under-achievement. It can be a case of too much data and not enough insights. 74% of businesses want to be data driven, but only 29% are successful at connecting analytics to action. The solution is to align the organisation around the customer understanding and the choices they make. Maria then showcased a study of a company, where Alpha Phronesis helped to define their competitive advantage, le

Reconnecting post-Covid-19

The workplace is changing in unprecedented ways; the next ‘wave’ of disruptive change – globalisation, automation, digitisation – is redefining work as we know it. The transition to the enlightened ‘future of work’ has been trending for a few years now. In July 2019, acumen7 hosted a seminar for members of the network and industry leaders exploring emerging trends; it was initiated as the first of a series exploring the Future of Work. Roll on nine months and we are facing an unimagined disruption to life, the economy and the way we work due to Covid-19. Businesses around the world are having to completely reassess their business processes, ways of working and hours of operation to adapt to

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