Mon 18 Jan: Monthly Meeting - Steve Molesworth - An introduction to Opiner

Mon 22 Feb: Monthly Meeting - Tony Roulstone - The future of radical energy generation; Barry Hedley, Nova

  Pangaea - An introduction to an innovative process of making plant waste-based synthetic fuels

Mon 22 Mar: Monthly Meeting - Bertrand Rotagnon, Carrier - The 'healthy' building; Member Presentation: Warren

  Beardall - The challenges of project collaboration

Mon 19 Apr: Monthly Meeting -  Peter Kennedy/Charles Perrottet/Gerard Smith, Futures Strategy Group - The

  scenario strategy process in relation to climate; Members' presentation: Giles Price & Rosie Hughes, AECOM -

  A Culture of Quality

Mon 17 May: Monthly Meeting - Stephen Crosher, RheEnergise - Bringing innovation to pumped energy storage;

  Member presentation: Mike Branigan - The impact of Brexit on UK Supply Chains: A primer

Mon 21 Jun: Monthly Meeting: Alison Kuhn - Brain culture in organisations and the importance of addressing that

  moving forwards; Vince Miles, Polypipe – Confronting the barriers of the adoption of MMC

Mon 19 Jul: Monthly Meeting: Oli Freeling-Wilkinson, Urban Electric - Building the world's largest urban on-street

  electric vehicle charging network; Member Presentation: Rosie Hughes - Review of the Associate Member


Mon 16 Aug: Monthly Meeting: John Miles, University of Cambridge - Future Transport Systems; Members'

  Presentation: Robert Osborne & James Leng - Introducing ValueStep

Tue 14 Sep: acumen7 social

Mon 27 Sep: Seminar: the Future of Work 2 post-pandemic - Leading resilience, recovery and learning to adapt. Alan

  Watkins, Complete - Reinventing yourself, your leadership style & the leadership agenda; Rob Hughes, Techopian & 

  Mark Outram, Propel Consult - Responding to technical innovation; Michael Moran, 10Eighty - The rise of the

  employee centric business model; Suneeta Padda, Padda Consulting - Operational resilience

Mon 18 Oct: Monthly Meeting: Member presentation - Graeme Jones, C-Probe. Net Zero: Preservation of embodied

  carbon in the built environment; Member presentation - Jamie Hillier, Akerlof: A new landscape...? 

Mon 15 Nov: Monthly Meeting: Sam Stacey, Transforming Construction Challenge Director, UKRI - Leading

  construction at scale; Simon Murray, NED, Highways Agency - Investing in 21st century infrastructure

Mon 6 Dec: Christmas Event




Mon 13 Jan: Monthly Meeting - Offsite Construction - HTA's experience: Alex Hughes, HTA Design

Mon 10 Feb: Monthly Meeting - An Introduction to Invest Northern Ireland: Nick Turberville, Invest NI; Carbon Neutral: What does it

  mean for all of us? Peter Dixon

March event: Away Day - Autodesk, Birmingham - hosted by Az Jasat - postponed until further notice

Mon 20 Apr: Virtual Monthly Meeting - Building the NHS Nightingale Hospital: Gary Sullivan OBE, Commanding Officer at The

   Staff Corps 77th Brigade; An environmentally friendly ordnance clearance service: Andrew Woollven, EODEX

Mon 18 May: Virtual Monthly Meeting - The UK Ventilator Challenge, plus what's happening in the UK aerospace sector, the

  importance of STEAM in education and the value of apprenticeships - Nick Goss, Lead Project Engineer, GKN Aerospace;

  How businesses are responding to the current crisis - acumen7 members Robert Williams, Giles Price and Donnie MacNicol

Mon 22 Jun: Monthly Meeting - Strategic Alignment: Maria Lambides, Alpha Phronesis; Discussion on Maintaining Company

  Culture in the new working environment

Mon 13 Jul: Monthly Meeting - Small is Beautiful: The advantages of smaller nuclear reactors - Tony Roulstone, University of

  Cambridge; The Climate Restoration Challenge - John Holland and Debbie Marriott

Mon 17 Aug: Monthly Meeting - Rémi Grosjean, Prospheres: Specialists in turnaround and company transformation; Jamie Hillier,

   An introduction toAkerlof

Mon 21 Sep: Monthly Meeting - Serge Colle: Thorium molten salt reactors - a credible alternative to Europe's energy needs;

   Peter Dixon: An update on the Climate Restoration Challenge

Mon 19 Oct: Monthly Meeting - Dr Alan Watkins, Clinician and Neuroscientist, CEO and Founder of Complete Coherence - Truth

   and trust in leadership; Louisa Pavis - The management of transformation and change, and experiences as an Executive Coach

Mon 16 Nov: Monthly Meeting - Martin Paver, Projecting Success - The Construction Data Trust and the recently set up Task

   Force; Dave Millner - An introduction to people analytics

Wed 2 Dec: Christmas Event - Guest Speaker: Gary Sullivan OBE, Commanding Officer at The Staff Corps 77th Brigade


Mon 21 Jan: Monthly Meeting - acumen7 Members' Showcase Presentations - John Pilkington, Giles Price, Richard Ogden & 

  Martin Schramm

Mon 12 Feb: Monthly Meeting - Hack Partners - River Tamoor-Baig & Haydon Bartlett-Tasker; SchellingPoint - Robert   

  Williams, Alistair Denton & Michael Taylor

Thu 21 Feb: European Seminar - From Construction to Production (Session 3) Dornbirn. Presentations from: Harald

  Professner, Cree GmbH; Mauricio Rodriguez, Raumgleiter; Dr Rene Jahne, ETH Zurich; David Banjac, Trimble; Fabian 

  Scheurer, Design for Production; Christoph Achammer, ATP; Birgitta Schock, schockguyan; Olin Bartlome, Lignum; Matthias

  Kaufmann, Kauffman Carpentry/Joinery; Hubert Rhomberg, Cree GmbH 

Mon 18 Mar: Monthly Meeting - Blockchain presentation: Ramesh Krishnasagar, Wipro

Wed 1 May: Away Day - Battersea Power Station Redevelopment: Presentation on the history and future plans, and a tour of

  phase 2a (the old power station) and phase 3 (new homes and a new high street)

Mon 20 May: Monthly Meeting - The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development's focus on green projects - Sumeet


Mon 24 Jun: Away Day - Station F, Paris - Exploring different approaches to innovation in construction and infrastructure at

  the world's largest start-up campus

Mon 8 Jul: Seminar - The Future of Work - Session 1

Mon 19 Aug: Monthly Meeting - Member Challenges using Ecademy's Blackstar Virtual Table system

Mon 16 Sep: Joint Meeting with The Delivery Club to discuss TDC's future strategy

Mon 14 Oct: Monthly Meeting - Jaimie Johnston, Bryden Wood - Automated Construction: Why manufacturing is the future

  of construction. Martin Paver, Projecting Success - Advanced Data Analytics

Mon 18 Nov: Monthly Meeting - Lucas Cusack, Willow - Digital Twins for the Built World

Mon 2 Dec: Christmas Dinner - guest speaker: Neil Rawlinson, Strategic Development Director, the Manufacturing Technology   Centre


Mon 15 Jan: Monthly Meeting - Building a Customer-led Business - Rob Millar, Comotion

Mon 12 Feb: Monthly Meeting - The 'Thin Air' Paper - Bill Price, WSP

Wed 14 Mar: Away Day - Meeting & Tour of the RNLI Headquarters, Poole, Dorset

Mon 23 Apr: Monthly Meeting - Foundations Connect - Giles Price, CHS Engineering; Verteka - Scott Kent

Mon 21 May: Monthly Meeting - Presentation by Impulse Partners/Labs - Thomas le Diouron & Simon Bergeron

Fri 29 Jun: Away Day - From Construction to Production (Session 2), Munich. Presentations from: Dale Evans, Infrastructure

  Client Group; Phil Wilbraham, Heathrow Airport; Shaun Pidcock, Highways England; Prof Jos Lichtenberg, Tu Eindhoven; 

  Alex Worp, Schiphol Airport; Dries Hagen, acumen7; Dr Jochen Wagner, BMW; Phil Langley, Bryden Wood; Dr Volkmar

  Hovestadt, Digitales Bauen; Dr Sven-Erik Jacobsen, Amberg Loglay; Dr Ulrich Klotz, Zublin Strabag; Mark Enzer, Mott 

  MacDonald; Shaun Tate, Mace Group

Mon 9 Jul: Away Day - The Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry

Mon 13 Aug: Monthly Meeting - Disruptive start-up business ideas in the energy sector, including battery technology - 

  Barn Energy & Eelpower Ltd

Mon 10 Sep: Monthly Meeting - Joint meeting with The Delivery Club - Entrepreneurship and delivery: What can be learned

  and applied?

Mon 8 Oct: Monthly Meeting - Psychology in Construction - John Dyson; Data Dig - Huw Thomas

Mon 12 Nov: Monthly Meeting - The Journey of Wilson James - Gary Sullivan; The addicted generation - Alison Kuhn

Tue 4 Dec: Christmas Dinner in the Council Room at the ICE, Westminster


Mon 16 Jan: Monthly Meeting - Commercialising Sustainability, UK Energy Partners

Mon 20 Feb: Away Day - The Future of Road/Rail Inter-Modal Termini, Eddie Stobart

Mon 13 Mar: Special Event - The Opening of Barn Energy's Kirkthorpe Hydro Site

Mon 24 Apr: Monthly Meeting - Carbon8 Systems Ltd

Mon 15 May: Monthly Meeting - Productivity in the UK

Fri 29 Jun: Summer Social - Fanfare & Fireworks, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Mon 10 Jul: Monthly Meeting - From Transactions to Enterprises: Project 13 

Mon 14 Aug: Monthly Meeting - Lessons Learned: Former Head of Property at Circle

Mon 18 Sep: Monthly Meeting - New Explosives Technology - Alford Technologies

Mon 9 Oct: Away Day - Use of Discretionary Energy in Employment Engagement, The Experience Economy & Strategic Project

  Briefings, Designing for an Infinite Life

Mon 13 Nov: Monthly Meeting (collaboration with the Delivery Club) - The Future of Work is Here (Now!), The Future of

  Project Management, Meet Your New Partner

Wed 6 Dec: Christmas Dinner in the Writing Room, Lord's Cricket Ground


Mon 18 Jan: Monthly Meeting - The Internet of Things 

Mon 8 Feb: European Webinar 

Mon 14 Mar: Monthly Meeting - How British politics is changing and what it means for business, the Rt Hon Jim Murphy

Mon 13 Apr: Away Day - European Round Table event on Resilience, Zurich

Sun 5 Jun: Summer Social - Celebration with Clive Arup in Abingdon, Oxfordshire 

Mon 6 Jun: Seminar - Transforming Infrastructure with Digital Technologies 

Mon 11 Jul: Monthly Meeting - the new BSI Standard; Introduction to C-Probe

Mon 25 Aug: Monthly Meeting - Introduction to BWB Consulting; Roadmap for acumen7 

Mon 26 Sep: Away Day - Allergan Biologics Research & Production Facility, Liverpool

Mon 10 Oct: Monthly Meeting - Procurement Leaders: A global intelligence network

Fri 11 Nov: Away Day - From Construction to Production, Stuttgart

Mon 5 Dec: Christmas Dinner at Boodle's


Mon 12 Jan: Monthly Meeting - ActionAid: Working collaboratively to further human rights and defeat poverty

Mon 16 Feb: Away Day - Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst - the Whole Force Concept

Mon 9 Mar: Monthly Meeting - Nuclear Presentation, including Hinkley Point

Mon 13 Apr: Away Day - the Electric Bus scheme, Milton Keynes

Mon 18 May: Monthly Meeting - the P3M3 Maturity model

Mon 8 Jun: Away Day - Laing O'Rourke's Explore Industrial Park

Mon 7 Sep: Monthly Meeting -  Challenges in UK Logistics - Eddie Stobart Logistics; UK Low-carbon Energy Subsidies

Mon 12 Oct: Away Day - The Eden Project, Cornwall: Welcome from Sir Tim Smit, Cornwall as an Energy Island, Geothermal

  Energy, Kepler Energy, tour of the Green Build Hub and Biomes

Mon 9 Nov: Monthly Meeting - The Next Step - Veterans' Transition

Mon 7 Dec: Christmas Dinner at Boodle's


Mon 20 Jan: Monthly Meeting - Sharpcloud Training Session; Member Showcase

Mon 24 Feb: Away Day - DP World London Gateway - The Thames Gateway Project

Mon 10 Mar: Monthly Meeting - Project Management, Valense Ltd; Collaborative Project Teams; Infrastructure Intelligence

Mon 7 Apr: Monthly Meeting - Business Process Improvement, Balfour Beatty; Infrastructure Intelligence

Mon 19 May: Away Day - Heathrow Academy presentation and tour of Terminal 2

Mon 9 Jun: Social Media Seminar - the Bank of England; Loc8me; Sei Mani Consultants

Mon 7 Jul: Monthly Meeting - BIM: An introduction and background

Mon 15 Sep: Monthly Meeting - Third Party Logistics (3PL); Member Showcase

Mon 27 Oct: European Away Day - Systems, Standards and Elements of Railway Stations; Retrospective View and Outlook

  SBB; Crossrail; London Underground - Zurich   

Mon 10 Nov: Monthly Meeting - An introduction to LogiKal

Mon 8 Dec: Christmas Dinner at Boodle's


Mon 7 Jan: Monthly Meeting: Peter Hansford - The role of the Government’s Chief Construction Adviser

Mon 11 Feb: Away Day – Oxford: Team Animation’s White Paper for the Cabinet Office; London Legacy – Operational

  Readiness; Improving the global economy through collaboration; An introduction to Enterprise Ireland

Mon 11 Mar: Monthly Meeting – acumen7’s presentation on improving construction delivery to the Government’s Chief Construction Advisor, Peter Hansford

Mon 8 Apr: Monthly Meeting – Mammoth Hunters: Helping companies on their journey; An update on Spring Rehabilitation

Mon 13 May: Monthly Meeting – An update on the Sahara Forest Project; Renewables in the Third World

Mon 10 Jun: Away Day – Oxford: Collaborative Teams Programme; acumen7 in Europe; Design Project with Aeroports de


Mon 8 Jul: Monthly Meeting – An update on Barn Energy; A review of the acumen7 Member Survey

Mon 9 Sep: Monthly Meeting – Delivery of Public Sector Projects; An introduction to the acumen7 Forum

Mon 14 Oct: Away Day – An overview of the Energy Market; An update on Kepler Energy; Farm Power – My Renewables;

  The nuclear industry in the 21st century; An Introduction to Fusion

Mon 11 Nov: Monthly Meeting – Heathrow – A new approach; Member Showcase

Mon 9 Dec: Christmas Dinner – Boodle’s, London


Mon 20 Jan: Monthly Meeting – acumen7 discussion on radically improving the performance of Government and

  public bodies

Mon 13 Feb: Monthly Meeting: The stabilisation operation in Afghanistan; Organisational neuroscience; The

  dynamics of social media

Mon 12 Mar: Monthly Meeting: Organisational Neuroscience and Sofi Software

Mon 16 Apr: Monthly Meeting: acumen7 Member Networking Session

Mon 14 May: Monthly Meeting: Follow-up discussion on radically improving the performance of Government and

  public bodies

Mon 9 Jul: Monthly Meeting: Comparison between Heathrow's T5 and T2 in terms of procurement

Mon 17 Sep: Away Day: The Government’s Construction Summit; Why social entrepreneurship may be the way big

  society contributes to the re-establishment of growth in the economy

Mon 15 Oct: Monthly Meeting: A review of the September Away Day

Mon 19 Nov: Monthly Meeting: The success of the Olympics and its implication for the delivery of infrastructure

  projects in the future

Tue 11 Dec: Christmas Dinner: Boodle’s, London


Mon 10 Jan: Monthly Meeting: An overview of acumen7’s events for 2011

Mon 14 Feb: Away Day: SharpCloud; Reducing heat loss and drafts through the use of insulating blinds; A review

  of acumen7’s commercial activities

Mon 14 Mar: Monthly Meeting: Outsourcing or insourcing: What’s in a name?

Mon 18 Apr: Away Day: Begbrooke Science Park, Oxford – acumen7 and ISIS; Kepler Energy and ISIS; Spring

  Rehabilitation Services

Mon 16 May: Monthly Meeting: UK wind power

Fri 17 Jun: Social Event – Abingdon

Mon 11 Jul: Monthly Meeting: A new business model for infrastructure projects

Mon 19 Sep: Away Day: The challenges and complexities of transforming the NHS; The effective use of social

  media in business; Outsourcing

Mon 17 Oct: Monthly Meeting: Ideas for future UK defence procurement

Mon 21 Nov: Monthly Meeting: An introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Mon 12 Dec: Christmas Dinner