There are over 25 members of the accumen7 network who, whilst acting independtly, are able to come together to provide a powerful, problem-solving management resource....



Collaboration amongst acumen7 members has led to the germination of exciting new business enterprises and joint ventures, which are now on course to grow and flourish...

acumen7 is a unique network of senior executives, independent consultants and like-minded professionals, who have come together

to offer their skills and experience to help businesses and other organisations solve the challenges of development and change. 

The purpose of acumen7 is to share and debate ideas; to develop

leading-edge thinking; to innovate, and to explore and develop joint

business opportunities.


The members of acumen7 provide advice and support in a variety of ways. Most commonly, they act as independent advisors to businesses and organisations tackling specific assignments at a high level. Members often provide more general support to senior management in these situations. Many of our members hold non-executive directorships, and sit on the management boards of public bodies and academic institutions.

Through a culture of collective collaboration members do, on occasion, work together to provide a powerful team tailored to the assignment.

Such is the strength of the network that opportunities have been identified, and new and exciting businesses have been created. Details of these enterprises can be viewed by clicking on Developing joint

business opportunities.

Our members inspire confidence in the people around them and are sensitive to the personal issues that arise when moving a business forward. They work as part of the team and are totally focused on solving a problem. As independent, professional people, the only interest they have in their client’s business is their assignment.

Providing a source of professional advice


The acumen7 network – Relevant; Challenging; Supportive

The acumen7 membership comprises a network of senior executives 
and consultants, all experts in their fields, with extensive experience 
between them of managing companies and making things happen. 
Their knowledge embraces a wide range of industries including construction 
and infrastructure, power utilities and renewable energy, manufacturing, 
financial services and recruitment.

Our members have enjoyed successful careers across the corporate world, both in the UK and internationally. They know what it is to run businesses, manage complex programmes, and lead organisations through development

and change.

Skills within acumen7 include the operational delivery of major projects; leadership, strategy and general business management; organisational change; team building; advanced project management and the management of lean techniques in construction.


acumen7 has two key objectives. Firstly to put clients in contact with members who can help them and secondly, to provide members with the support they need to deliver appropriate services to their clients. This is achieved through the network, which keeps in regular contact and meets monthly to exchange views, knowledge and experience, and to share and debate ideas.

The annual calendar of events includes ‘away days’ and social events for its members, making the whole acumen7 experience as pleasurable as it is rewarding. It is through such interaction that the whole network is able to learn and grow together for the benefit of all concerned.


acumen7 members are involved in a wide spectrum of industries and markets, both in the public and private sectors. They include property and construction; oil and gas; power and utilities; electrical engineering and transportation. They embrace niche, highly focused companies up to blue chip, global organisations.

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Developing joint business opportunities

When the acumen7 network was established, it created an environment for business opportunities to be brought to the table, debated and germinated. This has been possible through the diversity of experience, knowledge of the marketplace, strong connections and the ability to make things happen.


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Registered address: 57 Thame Road, Warborough, Wallingford OX10 7EA

Contact email:

Kim Vernau

Chair, acumen7; Chair and NED, Women's Pioneer Housing; NED, HAPM; Member, Next Generation Advisory Services, Innovate UK

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